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Our Story

Although Greenfire Innovations was founded in 2011, this company remained just a dream. A thought for "someday". Then with the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, job security (and jobs themselves) quickly began to vanish. 

In response, Greenfire was brought forward with specific objectives in mind. Not only would the company provide meaningful work for founder, Eric Beschinski, but it would do so by helping others. Whom would be helped? Small and medium-sized business owners were at the top of the list along with local not-for-profit organizations and churches.

By leveraging his talents, skills, and experience, Eric embarked on an epic adventure of business consulting that would include:

  • Strategic Planning + Execution

  • Financial Analysis and Cost Reduction Strategies

  • Development of Tools & Resources

  • Publication of Books & Articles


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Greenfire Innovations is all about meaningful solutions for business

After years in the financial services industry, Eric Beschinski brought Greenfire Innovations out of the shadows in order to serve the small to medium-sized business community. His solutions, ideas, and expertise are unique, refreshing, and poised to revolutionize business planning and organizational management.

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